Ghokap Fellows Reflections: Tashi Nyima

First I learned and witnessed how a fellowship comes into existence practically not only in a sheet of paper.  I am experienced and learned  how a fellowship start from its initial stage , who functions it , who creates guidelines for fellows – I got  the only answer as  fellows of the fellowship draft the community guidelines mutually , they operate the fellowship with some specific objectives and agendas on basis of theirs research and findings, learning and study, knowing needs of community,  and under the guidance and coordination of some senior, experienced and knowledgeable people. I witnessed fellowship is completely democratic,  here responsibilities and works are given to fellows according to their interest and field of study. It is a platform where we can experience the true taste of team work and work division. 

I believe at least some confident is gained inside me , at beginning one question  hit my head time and again i.e. How will the Gokhap fellowship start and can I contribute something to it ? But later I got  yes we are doing and , it’s only about my thinking, if we start and then nothing remain as impossibility. In the Fellowship, I become more familiar with some terminologies – marketing , minuting, outing ,brainstorming, ECD, content writing, profile ,feasibility and more . Another factor I learned is time management, there are regular meetings, different assignments in fellowship so I learned how to manage time for these. 

I am learning and using several official mobile applications like LinkedIn , Google Doc after the suggestions and guidance from the fellowship. Could able to do work as team and meet a different personalities which is something knowledgeable and meaningful. 

Expectations Met 

  • Little confident is gained 
  • Could able to listen  and appreciate other’s opinions 
  • Want communication with seniors and friends- that is happening
  • Always wish and thinking to return love and support to Action Dolpo and its branches – due to this Fellowship my wish is somewhat in its way of fulfillment 
  • Able to think little broad 
  • Could able to interact with different personalities

 Expectations Yet to Meet 

  • Wants to enter into the real process of marketing
  • Want become independent to work 
  • A good writer and communicator
  • Can easily with any kind of people
  • Appreciations from others

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