Ghokap Fellows Reflections: Tashi Nyima

First I learned and witnessed how a fellowship comes into existence practically not only in a sheet of paper.  I am experienced and learned  how a fellowship start from its initial stage , who functions it , who creates guidelines for fellows – I got  the only answer as  fellows of the fellowship draft the … Continue reading Ghokap Fellows Reflections: Tashi Nyima

GlobalGiving Accelerator | GoFundMe updates

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe 2 months ago aiming to raise AUD 30,000 to research and design passive solar infrastructure, and build an ice-rink and an artificial glacier. So far, we have raised AUD 7,156 from 30 unique donors, enabling the purchase of 60 pairs of ice-skates, and design of the ice-rink … Continue reading GlobalGiving Accelerator | GoFundMe updates

Crowdfunding for CMS: updates

Our first crowdfunding campaign is going strong. So far, we have raised $6,304 (AUD) out of a total campaign target of $30,000, enabling us to purchase 60 pairs of ice-skates for our students. The ice-skates have been produced at a factory in China, and are now being shipped to Kathmandu, before making their way to … Continue reading Crowdfunding for CMS: updates

Crystal Mountain School 2018 Curriculum

Planned by CMS 2018 Fellows in collaboration with Vision Dolpo staff We plan to integrate ECA activities with the curriculum. The teaching method will be completely radical; however, theory parts and the curriculum of Nepal government will be covered holistically. We plan to provide the student with psychosomatic experience of learning. We will also be … Continue reading Crystal Mountain School 2018 Curriculum

Crystal Mountain School 2018 Fellows

Our flagship fellowship program is off to a great start. Five enthusiastic teacher-musicians embarked today (April 10) on their 5 day journey to Crystal Mountain School with school and Vision Dolpo staff. The fellows will be leading  a lot of exciting new activities at the school, including a comprehensive music program for our young students … Continue reading Crystal Mountain School 2018 Fellows