Dho Tarap Health Post

Better health for all


The Dho Tarap Health Post was established in 2005 to provide basic health care and awareness to the pupils and villagers in the Dolpo region of Nepal. It was upgraded to a birthing center in 2009 and fully equipped in 2012, but was later shifted to a government-built facility in 2015.

Upgrade and Relocation

In 2015, the Dho Tarap Health Post was shifted to a government-built facility. In 2019, the Federal Government of Nepal approved an upgrade of the health post to a 15-bedded hospital. The upgrade was aimed at improving the health services provided to the people of Dolpo region and ensuring better healthcare facilities and accessibility to the citizens.

Staff and Support

The Dho Tarap Health Post currently employs two local health assistants and a dentist. The health assistants work on a rotational basis every year, one in the summer and one in the winter to ensure access to health services throughout the year. The local government provides support to the health post by providing basic medicines, allocating budget to buy medical equipment, and hiring local medical staff on contract basis. This support is critical for the organization to deliver basic health services to its citizens and for the management to think of further steps to upgrade the health post.

Future plans

The Dho Tarap Health Post organization has plans to further upgrade the health post by setting up a laboratory, dental unit, portable ultrasound and tele-medicine facility. They also plan to run an emergency helicopter service to Surkhet/Kathmandu for serious patients and pregnant women with the support of the Central Government. These plans are aimed at improving the overall health services provided to the people of Dolpo region, increasing access to healthcare and saving the lives of Dolpopas.

Vaccination Programs

The Dho Tarap Health Post runs vaccination programs throughout the year, including a hepatitis B vaccination program as part of its preventive healthcare services. This is an important measure to protect the population from infectious diseases and to improve the overall health of the community. Regular vaccination campaigns are also an important aspect of public health and are critical in controlling and eliminating certain diseases in the region.

Call to Action

The organization encourages people to support and work together with them to bring positive change to the lives of the people living in remote areas of Nepal, who deserve better health and wellbeing just like people living in cities. The government support is limited and inadequate in remote areas, and it’s important for individuals and organizations to come together to provide support and improve the lives of the people living in such areas.

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