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  • Crystal Mountain School – Maya Universe exchange program

      Crystal mountain school, dho-tarap, Dolpo is a school located at an altitude of more than 4000 metre in Dolpa district. The school  runs up to grade 7. After finishing summer session of 7 months the student of class 7 are brought down to Kathmandu in Snow Leopard Residence a boarding facilities for the students to… Read more

  • डोल्पो महोत्सव र क्रिस्टल माउन्टेन बिद्यालय रजत जयन्ती २०७६

    डोल्पो महोत्सव र क्रिस्टल माउन्टेन बिद्यालय रजत जयन्ती २०७६

    पृष्ठभुमी डोल्पा जिल्ला क्षेत्रफलको हिसाबले नेपालको सबैभन्दा ठुलो जिल्ला हो । समुद्री सतहबाट १३०० देखि ७,६२५ मिटर सम्मको उचाइमा अवस्थित डोल्पा भौगोलिक र साँस्कृतिक रुपमा तल्लो डोल्पा र उपल्लो डोल्पा गरी दुइ क्षेत्रले परिचित छ । संघिय संरचना अनुसार हाल डोल्पा जिल्लालाई आठ वटा स्थानीय तहहरुमा विभाजन गरिएको छ । जसअन्तर्गत उपल्लो डोल्पामा तिनवटा स्थानीय… Read more

  • Home Away from Home: Volunteering at Crystal Mountain School

    Home Away from Home: Volunteering at Crystal Mountain School

    A post on call for volunteers at Crystal Mountain School that’s all it took for me to decide to pack my bag and take 2 flights, and walk 4 days by myself to get to the place where I had never been before and where I knew no one. As I stepped on the school… Read more

  • Crystal Mountain School-Trimonthly report

    Crystal Mountain School-Trimonthly report

    This report includes the information about the different curricular and non-curricular activities that the teachers have been conducting for the past 3 months and are currently involved in.   Senior Department (Classes 5, 6 and 7) This department was jointly handled by Dilraj, Meeraj and Binamra. They are class teachers of 7, 6 and 5… Read more

  • New Passive Solar building construction in CMS

    New Passive Solar building construction in CMS

    With the help of grant received from the Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality and District Education office, we are adding another passive solar building with four quite big rooms and two small store rooms. The construction work is in full swing and will finish within next week. Unlike the previous two passive buildings, this one is… Read more

  • Crystal Mountain School 2018 Curriculum

    Crystal Mountain School 2018 Curriculum

    Planned by CMS 2018 Fellows in collaboration with Vision Dolpo staff We plan to integrate ECA activities with the curriculum. The teaching method will be completely radical; however, theory parts and the curriculum of Nepal government will be covered holistically. We plan to provide the student with psychosomatic experience of learning. We will also be… Read more

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