New Academic Session 2021

Till last year, our grade 8 graduates headed to Kathmandu every year and go to different schools in Kathmandu and appear SEE from there. But despite the harshest of financial, geographical and political circumstances, from last year the new group of our grade 8 students have started class 9 in CMS and this year they … Continue reading New Academic Session 2021

डोल्पो महोत्सव र क्रिस्टल माउन्टेन बिद्यालय रजत जयन्ती २०७६

पृष्ठभुमी डोल्पा जिल्ला क्षेत्रफलको हिसाबले नेपालको सबैभन्दा ठुलो जिल्ला हो । समुद्री सतहबाट १३०० देखि ७,६२५ मिटर सम्मको उचाइमा अवस्थित डोल्पा भौगोलिक र साँस्कृतिक रुपमा तल्लो डोल्पा र उपल्लो डोल्पा गरी दुइ क्षेत्रले परिचित छ । संघिय संरचना अनुसार हाल डोल्पा जिल्लालाई आठ वटा स्थानीय तहहरुमा विभाजन गरिएको छ । जसअन्तर्गत उपल्लो डोल्पामा तिनवटा स्थानीय … Continue reading डोल्पो महोत्सव र क्रिस्टल माउन्टेन बिद्यालय रजत जयन्ती २०७६

Crystal Mountain School-Trimonthly report

This report includes the information about the different curricular and non-curricular activities that the teachers have been conducting for the past 3 months and are currently involved in.   Senior Department (Classes 5, 6 and 7) This department was jointly handled by Dilraj, Meeraj and Binamra. They are class teachers of 7, 6 and 5 … Continue reading Crystal Mountain School-Trimonthly report

CMS Dolpo students in Ladakh

On January 21, 2018, a team of seven (three teachers/staff and four students) from Crystal Mountain School left for Ladakh.  After a night in Delhi on January 22, we got at Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) campus, where we spent the next two weeks learning and exchanging many skills and knowledges with students … Continue reading CMS Dolpo students in Ladakh

GlobalGiving Accelerator | GoFundMe updates

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe 2 months ago aiming to raise AUD 30,000 to research and design passive solar infrastructure, and build an ice-rink and an artificial glacier. So far, we have raised AUD 7,156 from 30 unique donors, enabling the purchase of 60 pairs of ice-skates, and design of the ice-rink … Continue reading GlobalGiving Accelerator | GoFundMe updates

Crowdfunding for CMS: updates

Our first crowdfunding campaign is going strong. So far, we have raised $6,304 (AUD) out of a total campaign target of $30,000, enabling us to purchase 60 pairs of ice-skates for our students. The ice-skates have been produced at a factory in China, and are now being shipped to Kathmandu, before making their way to … Continue reading Crowdfunding for CMS: updates

Snow Leopard Residence activities 2020/21 and Covid-19 Pandemic in Nepal

          With the beginning of the New Year 2020, the outbreak of 2019 novel corona virus in China started to spread so quickly in other countries including in Nepal after the first case was seen in a man on 23rd Jan 2020 who had returned from Wuhan, China. As the local transmission and death … Continue reading Snow Leopard Residence activities 2020/21 and Covid-19 Pandemic in Nepal