Our Team

Get to know our team.

Gyalpo Dolpo

Gyalpo is the Executive Director of Vision Dolpo. He is one of the first graduates of Crystal Mountain School, and has previously served as the Academic Coordinator at the school after finishing his academic studies. He also served as the first Ward Chairman for Dho in Dolpo Buddha Municipality, being unanimously elected in the first local elections after Nepal ratified it’s newest constitution in 2012.

Nyima Dhargey

Nyima is one of the first alum of Crystal Mountain School, and like his peers has served the school for more than 6 years as a primary level teacher, playing a vital role in the development of young children. He also helps manage inventory, teach local music and dance, and has served as one of 3-6 local volunteer teachers during winter sessions at the school.

Phurwa Gyaltsen

Program Manager, Crystal Mountain School

Phurwa is the Academic Coordinator at Crystal Mountain School, and the Vice President of Vision Dolpo. An alum of Crystal Mountain School, he has been serving tirelessly as a teacher, academic Coordinator, and program manager for more than 4 years. He is a native of Tokyu (Taksi) village in Dho Tarap Valley.

Karma Sangmo

Karma is a health assistant at the Dho Tarap primary health post. She is a native of Dho and an alum of Crystal Mountain School. Over the past few years, she has also served tirelessly during winter seasons when providing health care is especially difficult. She is also one of the defacto health professionals in the village who provide health support to our students.

Pawan Dhakal

Consultant, Vision Dolpo

Pawan helps manage our fundraising campaigns, design projects and programs, and assists with curriculum development and future planning. He holds a M.Sc in Physics from Ohio State University, and a B.A in Physics and Mathematics from Dartmouth College. In the past, he has worked as an e-learning content designer at Open Learning Exchange Nepal, graduate teaching assistant at Ohio State University, and volunteer teacher and researcher for schools in Upper Mustang and Dolpo, including Crystal Mountain School in 2017. He has more than 8 years of teaching and tutoring experience, and 4+ years of independent research and project experience. His main interests include theoretical physics research, education reform and local curriculum development, teaching and the outdoors.

Bikash Deshar

Academic Director, Crystal Mountain School

Bikash is an educator with more than 15 years of experience in Education and Leadership. He manages the day to day academic programs in Crystal Mountain School, creates curriculum to engage students and designs a teaching learning environment for both teachers and students. He holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management from Kathmandu University and has a Bachelor’s  degree in Chemistry from Tribhuvan University. In the past, he worked as a Program Manager and a country lead in Sunsar Maya, a non-profit based in San Francisco and Kathmandu. He is also a STEAM educator and a teacher trainer with an experience of training around 500 teachers from around the country. He also worked as an Chief Education Officer in a non-profit called Tergar Charity Nepal and helped them create their pilot curriculum on Women Literacy Program. Working with students and in the education sector is his passion.

Dhargey Gurung

Dhargey is commonly known throughout Dolpo as Dr. Dhargey for his relentless service as one of the few health professionals in the region. He has served as a dedicated, proficient and trusted health assistant for more than 6 years, since he graduated as one of the first health assistants from Dolpo. He is a native of Tokyu (Taksi) and one of the first alum of Crystal Mountain School. He is also one of the defacto health professionals in the village who provide health support to our students.