Dho Tarap Health Post

Better health for all


Dho Tarap Health Post was started to provide basic health care and awareness to the pupils and the villagers from 2005. It was upgraded to a birthing center when a passive solar house was built in 2009 and a nurse and a health assistant returned to work after completing their studies in 2011 from Kathmandu. A birthing center was fully equipped in 2012 with attached toilet bathrooms and indoor wash basins and a small solar electrification. In 2015, the health post was shifted to a government built health post. In 2019, the federal government has approved to upgrade the health post to 15-bedded-hospital.

Currently we have two local health assistants and a dentist who are employed by Vision Dolpo. The health assistants work on a rotational basis every year-one in summer period( for a seven month, from Mid April –Mid November) and another  in winter period(for 5 months, from Mid November-Mid April) so that the locals have access to health service through out the year. After the election of local government for the first time in Nepal with the promulgation of New constitution in Nepal in 2015, the local government has started to provide basic medicines, allocate budget to buy medical equipment and hire local medical staffs on contract basis which is very important step towards delivering basic health services to its citizens. This kind of support is a big relief to us and make us think of further steps to upgrade the health post to a better one with well equipped facilities and medical professionals and ultimately to run a hospital with the support Federal government as well. In the meantime of two years, we aim to run a good health post-setting up a laboratory, dental unit, portable ultra sound, and a tele-medicine facility at least. We also think of running an emergency helicopter-service to Surkhet/Kathmandu for serious patients and pregnant women in line with the Central Government support so that we can save the lives of Dolpopas.

We are also carrying vaccination program effectively round the year including hepatitis B vaccination program as our efforts to carry preventive healthcare service.

If you are thinking of doing something for the people of remote areas like in Nepal where the government has turned blind, deaf and dump so far, the best is to support and work together with us to bring a little change-let it be- in their life who equally deserve better health and wellbeing like the people in cities do.