Snow Leopard Residence


In pursuit of knowledge for Home

Snow Leopard Residence (SLR) is a residence in Kathmandu for students who have completed their lower secondary education at Crystal Mountain School and are continuing their studies. Students live together in a typical Dolpo atmosphere and attend different schools and colleges during the day.

Recent Updates

History of SLR

Established in 2003, the first group of CMS students who resided in SLR had outstanding results on their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams, with 45 students in first division and 5 in distinction. Many of these students have gone on to become nurses, health assistants, lab technicians, teachers, project managers, and local leaders in Dolpo after finishing their education at SLR.

Over the years, SLR has evolved to adapt to the changing needs of its students and the community. In 2019, when Crystal Mountain was upgraded to Secondary level, only grade 9 and 10 students of CMS came to SLR in winter for educational tours and tuition classes before returning back home in the summer. However, starting from 2020, only grade 11 and 12 students stay in SLR year-round.

SLR continues to be a leader in providing education and opportunities for students in Dolpo, with a proven track record of success.

Living at SLR

SLR provides a typical Dolpo atmosphere where students can live and learn together in a close-knit community.

Residential facilities include comfortable and safe living spaces, as well as amenities such as a dining hall and common areas for socializing and relaxation.

Daily routine includes a balance of academic studies, extracurricular activities, and community involvement opportunities.

The residence also provides 24-hour supervision and support from staff, ensuring the well-being of the students.

It’s also important to mention that the students at SLR are given a lot of autonomy and are encouraged to be independent in a safe and nurturing environment. They are taught to take responsibilities for their own actions and to develop self-discipline. They learn how to live with others and how to be part of a community.

Education at SLR

At Snow Leopard Residence (SLR), we provide a diverse range of educational opportunities and experiences for students in Kathmandu. Our curriculum includes not only traditional academic subjects but also focuses on developing skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

We also provide academic support through individualized tutoring and mentoring, as well as group study sessions and workshops. Extracurricular activities and programs are also offered to enhance students’ education and to help them discover their passions and interests. These activities may include music and arts, theater, sports, and community service projects.

We encourage students to take ownership of their education and to set their own academic goals. We support their academic progress and give them the tools to be successful in their studies, ultimately aiming to give students the best possible opportunity to succeed in their future careers, whether that be in Nepal or abroad.

Student Outcomes

SLR has a proven track record of student success, with many alumni going on to successful careers in various fields.

Statistics on student performance on School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams demonstrate the high level of academic achievement at SLR.

Success stories of alumni illustrate the impact of a SLR education and the opportunities it provides for students in Dolpo. These stories can include the career paths of alumni and how the education they received at SLR helped them to achieve their goals.

The school has a committed team of teachers and staff who work hard to ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

Overall, SLR’s education program not only equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, but also instills in them the values of responsibility, compassion, and a strong work ethic, that will serve them well in their future careers and in their lives in general.

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