We are currently raising funds to build the first Early Childhood Development (ECD) center in Dolpo, serving about 80 children of ages 2-6 years in Dho-Tarap. The earthquake resistant classrooms will be built using passive solar technology to withstand the cold harsh winters, enabling the ECD center to operate for the full calendar year and tackle the challenge of 6 month gap in early education for young children. Young children, who are most affected by large gaps in schooling, will be engaged in developmental activities throughout the year. Teachers will be able to complete the assigned curriculum and start new academic sessions without having to forcefully revise previous year’s classes in a short time. This project will also help promote passive solar buildings in the community.

What we do

We are engaged in a variety of sectors in Dolpo.


We help run Crystal Mountain School in Dho Tarap, work with partners for overall development of education in Dolpo, and promote and develop innovate education programs while working on locally relevant and contextual curriculum for schools in Dolpo.


We run a primary health center in Dho Tarap, hold regular health camps throughout Dolpo in partnership with multiple local and foreign partners, and help promote traditional Amchi medicine.

Green Energy

All our projects adhere to climate sensitive practices. We provide and promote solar and wind power for schools, health centers and introduce new green technologies such as passive solar heating in the region.


We work with local families, partners and other organizations to build greenhouses for vegetable farming, and for warm indoor space during the winters. We are also working on building and promoting artificial glaciers to support irrigation in areas with depleting resources.

Indigenous Knowledge

Through regular and meaningful engagement with local communities, our programs foster local innovation, leverage indigenous knowledge and local resources, and enhance the regional economy while respecting and promoting local lifestyles and community needs and vision.

Local Governance

We assist with local level planning and help in capacity building for the three locally elected governments in Dolpo. We work with all three Rural Municipalities (RM) in the region: Dolpo-Buddha RM, Shey-Phoksumdo RM, and Chharka-Tangshong RM.

Vision Dolpo. is a social benefit organization.

Established in 2009 by the first graduates of Crystal Mountain School, Vision Dolpo works with local communities to primarily ensure inclusive and quality education for the children from the region and facilitate better health care services, as well as to eradicate poverty in all its forms, ensure food security and improve nutrition, enable better access to sustainable and modern energy, promote indigenous knowledge, vernacular architecture, and to influence the equitable and sustainable management of natural resources to conserve, and to preserve and promote the local culture and values. With support from Action Dolpo (France), Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality (the local government), community members and friends of Dolpo, Vision Dolpo is engaged in a wide variety of activities to implement the above objectives. We work in coordination with other schools and health projects of Dolpo, and also we wish to work together with other two Rural Municipalities of Dolpo.

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Crystal Mountain School

Crystal Mountain School was the first formal school in the upper regions of Dolpo established by Action Dolpo and supported by Government of Nepal, and for nearly a decade, it was the only school in the region to provide free education to children from Dho-Tarap and surrounding villages of Dolpo. Learn more.

Dho Tarap Health Post

Dho Tarap Health Post was started to provide basic health care and awareness to the pupils and the villagers from 2005. It was upgraded to a birthing center when a passive solar house was built in 2009 and a nurse and a health assistant returned to work after completing their studies in 2011 from Kathmandu. Learn more.

Snow Leopard Residence

The pupils who complete their lower secondary education in Crystal Mountain School(CMS) join Snow Leopard Residence (SLR) in Kathmandu for further studies where they live together in a typical Dolpo atmosphere. They go to different schools and colleges during the day. Learn more.

Undergraduate Education Support

We provide financial support to high school graduates of Crystal Mountain School to enroll in undergraduate (bachelor’s) programs. Both living and tuition expenses are covered. Learn more.