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Our mission is to serve the local communities of Dolpo and similar high mountain areas in the Himalayas by primarily ensuring inclusive and quality education and health services for all, by promoting local language, culture and indigenous knowledge, and by enabling better access to sustainable energy and opportunities for local innovation.


We are raising funds to build the first Early Childhood Development center in Dolpo, serving around 80 children aged 0-8 years in Dho-Tarap.

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Whether a short-term event, project, or longer-term commitment, we welcome you to join the effort.

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Learn about how our local team of teachers, community workers, health assistants, and local elected representatives are making meaningful, community-driven impact in Dolpo.

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our work

Crystal Mountain School

Crystal Mountain School, serving the Upper Dolpo region since 1994, is more than just a school. We are a community of educators, students, and families working together to create brighter futures for our children. With a focus on innovation, we offer a holistic education that includes not just the regular curriculum but also the Dolpo dialect of the Tibetan language, basic Buddhist philosophy, cultural performances and arts, and computer skills.

Snow Leopard Residence

SLR is a residence in Kathmandu for students who have completed their lower secondary education at Crystal Mountain School and are continuing their studies. Students live together in a typical Dolpo atmosphere and attend different schools and colleges during the day.

Undergrad Education Support

We provide financial support to high school graduates of Crystal Mountain School and Snow Leopard Residence to enroll in undergraduate (bachelor’s) programs. Both living and tuition expenses are covered.


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