To commemorate the founding of the Crystal Mountain school in 1994, couple with an aim to draw the attention of the Central and Province Government about the challenges faces by Dolpo people in Education, Health Sanitation, Communication, transportation, Environment and Culture and also to promote quality tourism in Dolpo with  encouraging community based eco-tourism which will improve the socio-economic aspects of the Dolpo Communities, we are organizing Dolpo festival and Crystal Mountain school silver jubilee with a series of events from September 10-14, 2019 in Dho-Tarap, Dolpo. The Festival and Silver Jubilee celebration, co-organized by Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality, will include local cultural performances, traditional sports shows, inter-school performances, photo and book exhibitions, film screening, traditional storytelling (namthar) and religious performances (mask dance), music and dance, and public discussion on the sustainable development of Dolpo.  Learn more about the festival here in English. And, here in Nepali.