Crystal Mountain School

Crystal Mountain School (CMS) was established in 1994 in Dho Tarap by the French non-profit Action Dolpo. Childrenfrom all over Dolpo were enrolled at CMS until more schools were established in other parts of the region.

Apart from the regular government curriculum, we also teach the Dolpo dialect of the Tibetan language, basic Buddhist philosophy, cultural performances and arts, and computer skills.

Currently, over 200 students are enrolled at CMS. Due to the extreme weather in winter, the regular school only runs for seven months from mid-April to mid-November. However, we have also been conducting winter classes for grades III and higher since 2009 in our passive solar building. Winter classes are run by local youths and alumni who volunteer for three months from mid-December to mid-March.

After grade seven, students come to Kathmandu for further studies. They stay at Snow Leopard Residence but go to different schools and universities. After finishing their studies, most return to Dolpo. Over forty graduates of CMS have worked in Dolpo in various capacities including as teachers, nurses, health assistants, project managers and in the local government.