Ghokap Fellowship

A platform for proactive and undergraduate youth of Dolpo to develop professional skills, and build connections.

What is Ghokap Fellowship?

Ghokap (གོ་སྐབས་) Fellowship is a platform for undergraduates Dolpo youths to develop professional development skills, explore areas of interest, build a support network, exchange ideas, and engage in projects and programs in various areas run by Vision Dolpo.

How did it start?

Ghokap Fellowship officially started on 9th July 2022 to engage around 25 undergraduate students, who are currently being supported by Vision Dolpo for studies and living expenses. The fellowship started with Crystal Mountain School alumni who are mostly residents of Dho Tarap valley, but in the future will expand to all students from throughout Dolpo.

The fellowship program has been closely designed by the fellows themselves, including its mission, objectives, and programs.

Objectives of Ghokap Fellowship

  • To develop professional communication, reading, and writing skills.
  • To build a support network of Dolpo youths.
  • To promote tourism and marketing in Dolpo.
  • To help the education system of Dolpo.
  • To help in building ECD centers in all Rural Municipalities of the Dolpo region.
  • To promote and explore local resources, food, and technologies.

Ghokap Fellows 2022

There are around 25 undergraduate students as fellow members studying in different fields. Currently, around 12 of the fellows are engaged heavily, especially on a fundraising program for Early Childhood Development in Dolpo. Meet our fellows.

Tashi Tsomo

Tashi Tsomo is studying Bachelor’s in Forestry. She is interested in nature conservation, travelling , reading, writing and drawing simple arts. LinkedIn

Tashi Nyima

Tashi Nyima is preparing to take medical entrance tests at NAME Institute, Putali Sadak. He is interested in medicine, formal and free writing, art and craft, digital editing, drama /play, travelling and formal talk .LinkedIn

Lhakpa Dolma

Lhakpa Dolma is studying Bachelor’s in Hotel Management. She has keen interest in tourism hospitality sector and teaching. .LinkedIn

Tsering Youdon

Tsering Youdon is studying Bachelor’s in Public Health in Nobel College. LinkedIn

Tashi Lhamo

Tashi Lhamo is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Sagarmatha Engineering College. She likes to think about sustainability and design, marketing and leadership and management. LinkedIn

Karma Yangzin

Karma Yangzin is preparing for medical entrance tests at NAME institute. She has keen interest in free writing, reading novels and playing football. LinkedIn

Nyima Wangmo

Nyima Wangmo Magar is from Dho Tarap Dolpo. Currently she is doing Bachelors on Hotel Management. She is interested in the hospitality industry, photography, dancing and singing. LinkedIn

Lhakpa Dolma

Lhakpa Dolma Bhote is studying Bachelor’s in Education in Pushpalal Memorial College. She is interested in the teaching field, travelling, guidance and learning about historical things. LinkedIn

Tsering Lhaikey


Sonam Bhuti

Sonam Bhuti is studying BBA-BI (banking and insurance). She is interested in trekking, design, and learning computer skills. LinkedIn

Dawa Dhondup

Dawa Dhondup is studying business management in his undergraduate studies. He is interested in marketing, tourism and photography.. LinkedIn

Pema Tsamchoe

Pema Tsamchoe is studying Bachelor in Social Work in St.Xavier’s College. She has keen interest in marketing, curriculum development and tourism.

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