Crystal Mountain School 2018 Curriculum

Planned by CMS 2018 Fellows in collaboration with Vision Dolpo staff

We plan to integrate ECA activities with the curriculum. The teaching method will be completely radical; however, theory parts and the curriculum of Nepal government will be covered holistically. We plan to provide the student with psychosomatic experience of learning. We will also be focusing on building interpersonal communication skills (English and Nepali) among the students. And to achieve our objectives we will be involving the students in :

  • Designing and conducting various DIY projects
  • Music Classes
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Experimenting with non musical instruments in creating music
  • Ensemble Classes
  • Science experiments
  • Using E-paath designed by OLE Nepal for learning and teaching
  • Using Raspberry Pi

ECA Curriculum for Academic Year 2018 (2075 B.S.)


Crystal Mountain Big Band

  • Rhythm Section
  1. Bass
  2. Drums (Madal, Cajon)
  3. Sound FX percussions( Murchunga, Shaker, Tambourine)
  4. Keyboard
  5. Guitar Accompaniment
  • Melody Instruments and Soloists
  1. Guitar
  2. Sitar
  3. Flute
  4. Sarod
  5. Keyboard
  • School Choir and Solo Vocalist

 Repertoire and Musical Elements

  • Drums
  1. Basic Western Rhythmic styles and foundations of Western drumming
  2. Gandharva Madal repertoire
  • Sound Fx Percussions
  1. Beat oriented accompaniment
  2. Ambient sound and effects
  • Keyboard
  1. Basic sight reading and sight singing
  2. Classical Western Tunes
  3. Nepali folk and local tunes
  • Guitar
  1. Sight reading and sight singing
  2. Fingerstyle/Classical and Jazz studies
  3. Blues and Rock music
  • Sarod
  1. Eastern Classical Music
  2. Local Nepali repertoire
  • Sitar
  1. Eastern Classical Music
  2. Local Nepali repertoire


Colour Painting

  1. Introducing seven basic colours
  2. Basic ideas of colour gradients and the art of combining colours
  3. Mural Art


  1. Introducing basic geometrical shapes. (Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid)
  2. Imitating real life objects.
  3. Light-Shadow concept


  1. Origami


  • Football
  • Yoga
  • Basic meditation
  • Physical Training
  • Fun Sports

Construction and DIY activities

  • Management of dry compost toilets
  • Water supply and plumbing
  • Greenhouse management
  • Carpenting works
  • Construction of new school building
  • Renovation of school playground
  • Music room insulation


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