New Passive Solar building construction in CMS

1With the help of grant received from the Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality and District Education office, we are adding another passive solar building with four quite big rooms and two small store rooms. The construction work is in full swing and will finish within next week.

Unlike the previous two passive buildings, this one is built with better energy efficiency methods. All the inner walls are rammed earth which will act as a thermal heat bank and will maintain high temperature in winter during days and nights. As 30% of heat is said to be lost through roof in conventional buildings, we are putting heavy insulation on the roof. Since its quite complex to make double walls, we have built enough buffer rooms to serve as insulation for PSH rooms. Most importantly with the south facing orientation, we will add glasses (in a sloped down for better design)  to collect as much as solar radiation in the day and with double glazing the windows which will prevent 25% of heat loss though the windows.


With these four rooms for classrooms, and two other PSH buildings for boarding students which we plan to build in a couple of years, we will gradually upgrade our school to higher secondary level and can run classes in winter more comfortably.



Note: We acknowledge and thank Nistha Je who helped us with fine design.  


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