Passive solar research outputs and project summary

Dear supporters,

Thanks to your generous support, we have so far raised $13,622 from 86 donors since we first started this campaign in Sep 2021 as part of the GlobalGiving accelerator program. Out of the raised amount, $11,896 has been disbursed in two installments by GlobalGiving to our local organizational bank account in Kathmandu.

This is a short report on our progress so far and the steps ahead for the successful completion of this project. 

Almost $3,000 has been spent so far on initial program research on early childhood education and on locally adapted passive solar design, site identification, and travel and on-site community research. The primary output of this phase of the project is a detailed project report with clear working modalities (including engagement of local community and local government) and an initial early childhood campus design that will incorporate the holist childhood development frameworks under the National Strategy for Early Childhood Development, developed by the National Planning Commission, Nepal. 

The project report and its details (including an initial estimate for the total construction and operation cost of the pilot early childhood center) are currently being finalized and will be shared publicly (on our website and on GlobalGiving) in the coming two weeks.

Please be on the lookout for an email from us with such a report.

We are grateful to all our supporters who have donated time, energy and resources to make this campaign a success.  We have a long way to go before we meet our updated campaign goals (more updates on the upcoming detailed project report) and our larger project goals. But with your support and encouragement, we are confident that we will successfully spur on the development of ECD centers in remote regions like Dolpo via this pilot project. 

** This report was published on GlobalGiving on Mar 8, 2022.

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