About us

In 2009, the senior alumni of Crystal Mountain School established Vision Dolpo with an aim to primarily ensure inclusive and quality education for the children from the region and facilitate better health care services, as well as to eradicate poverty in all its forms, ensure food security and improve nutrition, enable better access to sustainable and modern energy, promote indigenous knowledge, vernacular architecture, and to influence the equitable and sustainable management of natural resources to conserve, and to preserve and promote the local culture and values.

With support from Action Dolpo (France), Dolpo Buddha Rural Municipality (the local government), community members and friends of Dolpo, Vision Dolpo is engaged in a wide variety of activities to implement the above objectives. We work in coordination with other schools and health projects of Dolpo, and also we wish to work together with other two Rural Municipalities of Dolpo.

We are registered in the Social Welfare Council Nepal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the local communities of Dolpo and similar high mountain areas in the Himalayas by primarily ensuring inclusive and quality education and health services for all, by promoting local language, culture and indigenous knowledge, and by enabling better access to sustainable energy and opportunities for local innovation.

Our Team

Kyalpo Thapa Bhote (Gyalpo Dolpo)


Gyalpo is the President at Vision Dolpo. He is one of the first graduates of Crystal Mountain School, and has previously served as the Academic Coordinator at the school after finishing his academic studies. He also served as the first Ward Chairman for Dho in Dolpo Buddha Municipality, being unanimously elected in the first local elections after Nepal ratified it’s newest constitution in 2012.

Phurwa Gyaltsen Thapa

Secretary, Program Manager (CMS)

Phurwa is the Program Coordinator at Crystal Mountain School, and the Secretary of Vision Dolpo. An alum of Crystal Mountain School, he has been serving tirelessly as a teacher, academic Coordinator, and program manager for more than 4 years. He is a native of Tokyu (Taksi) village in Dho-Tarap Valley.

Lhakpa Tsering

Treasurer, Program Coordinator (Undergraduate)

Lhakpa is the Treasurer and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Vision Dolpo. He is also a CMS alumnus, and is passionate about guiding new generations in their academic journey and making a positive impact in the lives of others. He also servers as a manager for the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation (DTCF), and has previously served as a Field Coordinator at the Himalaya Project.

Nyima Dhargey

School Coordinator

Nyima is one of the first alum of Crystal Mountain School, and like his peers has served the school for more than 6 years as a primary level teacher, playing a vital role in the development of young children. He also helps manage inventory, teach local music and dance, and has served as one of 3-6 local volunteer teachers during winter sessions at the school.

Dhargey Gurung

Health Assistant

Dhargey is commonly known throughout Dolpo as Dr. Dhargey for his relentless service as one of the few health professionals in the region. He has served as a dedicated, proficient and trusted health assistant for more than 6 years, since he graduated as one of the first health assistants from Dolpo. He is a native of Tokyu (Taksi) and one of the first alum of Crystal Mountain School. He is also one of the defacto health professionals in the village who provide health support to our students.

Karma Sangmo

Health Assistant

Karma is a health assistant at the Dho Tarap primary health post. She is a native of Dho and an alum of Crystal Mountain School. Over the past few years, she has also served tirelessly during winter seasons when providing health care is especially difficult. She is also one of the defacto health professionals in the village who provide health support to our students.

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