Field research trip this October

On October 2, 2022, our design, engineering and sustainability team is heading to Dho Tarap valley for a community site visit to finalize location of the first ECD center in Tokyu village, and conduct research on local building materials and techniques. With over 5 days of bus and jeep rides and a further 4 day walk up to Dho Tarap valley, this has been a challenging part of our project to manage logistics and utilize the 3 week window in October that our engineering and design team have carved out of their busy schedules in Kathmandu.  

Our primary goals in this trip are:

  • Gather all required information for the final engineering design of the ECD center and final cost analysis for construction
  • Engage with local community members for co-design of the center and incorporate local ideas and building techniques
  • Draw an initial plan for the full infrastructure of Crystal Mountain School (in addition to the ECD center, for which a final plan will be prepared)

Some of the activities we will be engaging in are:

  • Workshops with community members in Dho and Tokyu villages
  • Workshops with ECD teachers and staff at Crystal Mountain School
  • Workshops with students at Crystal Mountain School, including Minecraft games and physical model building where students will imagine their future campus and also the ECD centers in Dho and Tokyu villages
  • Video and photo documentation of the journey with the help of a photographer/film-maker who is going on the trip

This trip is one of the most vital phases of the ECD project we are undertaking. And it has only been possible to spend so much time and resources planning this trip for deep research and community work with your generous support. We are extremely grateful. 

Consider donating to help us continue our work. We are in need of resources to fund further research, and parts of this local site visit trip. 

Best Regards,

Vision Dolpo Team

** This report was published on GlobalGiving on Oct 3, 2022.

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