Crystal Mountain School-Trimonthly report

This report includes the information about the different curricular and non-curricular activities that the teachers have been conducting for the past 3 months and are currently involved in.


Senior Department (Classes 5, 6 and 7)

This department was jointly handled by Dilraj, Meeraj and Binamra. They are class teachers of 7, 6 and 5 respectively (Now except Meeraj who left the school). Class teachers would take 4 lectures in their class and 1 lecture in other classes. So, each teacher had 5 lectures per day. Class teachers taught most of the subjects to their respective class leaving 1 subject for the other teachers.

Currently, the vacant lectures of Meeraj arebeing filled by Subash and Sahana. Dixit will fill this vacancy when he arrives this coming week.

The target curriculum of these classes has been met in accordance with the division of the academic year. They have been trying to meet the following objectives through the teaching process:

  • Improving the rudiments of the students in the grammar of language.
  • Making sure that the students have actually understood the topics and can try to explain their understanding.
  • Engaging the students in frequent group and individual discussions to enhance their communicative and interpretative skills.
  • Conducting frequent oral and written tests and assignments to evaluate on their understanding.

Junior Department (Classes1, 2, 3 and 4)

This department was handled by Subash, Bipan and Sahana with the government teachers. Since there was a frequent flux in the government teachers, routine had to be frequently amended. Currently, we have two local teachers (2 Phurwas, who had finished +2) guide the super juniors with Karma Wangmo. Nyima Dhargye teaches for Class 1. All other teachers guide classes 2, 3 and 4. In average, the teachers here take 5 classes a day. Government teachers mostly focus on Nepali and Social studies. Sahana focuses on English and Math. Bipan teaches creative studies. Subash guides the students in Science, Computer and Math from time to time. Here, the teachers mainly focus on improving the students’ basic knowledge in Language, Science, and Math. Creative methods have been used while teaching for utmost interaction among students. Use of games and art is also being done to achieve a fun-learning environment in the class. Our Tibetan teacher takes regular classes alternately.

Extra-Curricular Activities

All the teachers get involved in this faculty. They take the classes of their respective faculty in the alternate days of a week.

Music Class: This class is conducted by Binamra, Dilraj and Subash. Since the numbers of students wanting to learn music is high, three teachers divide the class and take the theory classes independently. The plan to undertake instrument classes is likewise. Students till now have learned basic music theory and general musical terminologies. In upcoming classes, they will be implementing the theories in the instruments.


Art Class: Subash, Sahana and Bipan conduct the art class. They take the class simultaneously where each one focuses on a particular technique or art form. They guide the students with techniques of shading, origami and freestyle practice of art.

Dance class: This class is conducted by Sahana. It started before the cultural program in the village when students had performed on behalf of the school. During that program, Karma Wangmo and Nyima Dharkya were actively involved in preparing the students for the Tibetan culture dance. Sahana guided the students in Western and Nepali cultural dance. Currently, this class is being postponed till the exam is finished. Our half yearly exam is under way.


Other activities

Dilraj conducts football training for both male and female students.  Their training is conducted in an alternate basis. This training focuses on developing the students’ physical flexibility and helps to create an environment of working in a team.

Recently, mentorship program has been organized for the seniors. A teacher gets 5 or 6 students so that all the students can get their individual time. This approach is designed to guide the students with their communicative, interpretative and expressive skills in language as well as other academic and extra-curricular areas. These sessions are conducted for 1 hour alongside the tutoring sessions.

Also, we have started tutoring sessions for the hostel students. This session is conducted alongside the mentorship session that happens every day from 5:30-8:00 pm. In this session, we guide the students in their academic queries and look for a different way to solve their problem.




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